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Category: Car Sense

How To Protect Your Bike From Theft

Whether you’re a hardcore biking enthusiast or more of a casual cruiser, riding your bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors – and a healthier way to get around, too. After each ride, it’s important to remember to lock your bike up so thieves can’t steal it. Bike safety and advocacy group Bicycle Law estimates somewhere between 800,000 and 2 million bicycles are...

Can You Guess When Most Distracted Driving Crashes Occur?

Daydreaming while driving is more dangerous than you’d think – and our new review of police data shows just when drivers might be “lost in thought” enough to cause a fatal crash. According to a new review of Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data, Saturdays in September are the biggest days for fatal car crashes involving daydreaming while driving, and Tuesdays in February are lowest....

Driving on Black Ice: What You Need to Know

From snow to sleet to freezing rain, severe weather conditions can make winter driving especially difficult. But perhaps none is more dangerous than black ice. That's because unlike snow and sleet, black ice can be practically invisible to an unsuspecting driver. Related: 7 Dangerous Winter Driving Myths... Debunked The safest thing to do is stay home when conditions call for icy roads – but of...

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